Thursday, 13 December 2007

Day342 Sketchup Cheetah3D and Maxwell

Vizarch Sketchup & Cheetah3D
I went looking at the progress that Tim Danaher has been making on his Vizarch blog regarding his model of Coop Himmelblau's Falkestrasse work. I was impressed when I saw his Cheetah3D renderings of the Sketchup model (with imported 3DsMax furniture). His blog has youtube vids showing the comparison between the Cheetah3D and vanilla Sketchup animations/renderings. Both are actually very cool, the images below should inspire anyone interested in this stuff to check out what he has done.

[Tim Danaher images from his blog rendered in Cheetah3D from Sketchup models]


Sketchup and Maxwell
Another renderer with Sketchup plugin-ness is Maxwell which is also worthy of note for its long term Maciness as well. The Sketchup plugin pages on the Maxwell site have a few images to show what can be done - though all have a graininess that detracts from their clarity.


Here is another video of Architectural type rendering using the CryEngine2. I am really looking forward to finding some time to get into the Editor properly and see what I can get it to do for me. This video plays to the engines strengths of course with the trees and lighting etc.


Gaming and Massively
A bit more EVE to finish up - I am still at a loss with the game, whether it is worth the trials and tribulations. During the patch I found myself enjoying the news (and lots of it) on The site has info and news on all the MMOs and vast amounts of it. The article covering the MMO data and statistics over on VOIG is an eye opener. Though you can see WoW's dominance, it is reducing over time in percentage terms and there are other games with huge followings, SL has 11million accounts now - times have changed for good.

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