Friday, 14 December 2007

Day343 CrysisMap and Gaming

Seith's Little Island
In looking around at some tutorials for Crysis modding I found Seith's Little Island which is very impressive for a new modder - this gives hope to us all and shows the beauty of the engine and the Sandbox2 editor. The two images below are just a few of how he is going, not sure what settings these are on, but they do look sweet. The lighting and wonderful randomness of the images shows how nicely the CryEngine2 handles this sort of terrain. It will be fun to see how it handles others like deserts, formal gardens and such through to the urban jungle of cities in all their forms.

[Seith's CryEngine2 images from the Crymod site]

This thread is on the Cymod site which looks like being a mighty resource for all of us keen to play in the CryEngine world. The site will be another, in fact this is where I first saw the link to Seith's island.


I am startig to get the hang of a few bits now, missiles are great and with the autopilot, getting around is easy enough. Hmmm actually the autopilot means I dont need to know my way around at all and infact I dont see much of each location as I warp through them...


LOTRO shots
I admit I havent had a look at what the Lord of the Rings Online has to offer much at all. Through I did come across their DX10 screenshot competition though which produced these twp nice shots. Since I have been looking at real-time graphical rendering these are pretty darn fine.

[screenshot competition images from the LOTRO official site]

Just to continue the theme, here are two more shots from the official site this time just promo versions.

[promo screenshot images from the LOTRO official site]

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