Saturday, 13 January 2007

Day9 t-shirts come to life

Created 2 t-shirts using the dino-hand design - they look great.

Got in a few spots of WoW as well for good measure.
[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

Day8 Flushed Away and sketching

Went in and saw Flushed Away at the cinema. Some of the characterisation was really beautiful, I loved the female characters alot and there was a gag/reference a second. They did a good job of converting the claymation concept to their digital versions - it doesnt have the same weighty character to it - but is still lovely in its way.

I did some more dino-sketches for the boys t-shirts. The concept of using their hand with fingers as legs then their thumb as the head looks like the ticket. It is then ultra-personalised and they can see their hand growing etc. Plus it should get past the realism requirement.

Some of the other sketches were very stylised animals for Eleanor.

(none of this is 3D in any way - but with limited computer time is proving very productive)
[journeytime = 3.5 hours]

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Day7 t-shirt sketches and a little gaming

Woden and Hobbes are after a hand-drawn t-shirt. We only have black - so something cartoony is called for. Dinosaurs seem to be what is wanted, Wodey I havent got something that he is happy with yet - he seems to want ultra-realism - hmmm.
Michael liked the cartoon dino-cop - have to play some more to see how I go.
Did some more riding ones and some of them are mighty cute.

WoW - am now playing in Sithilis where the 60s were.

Enrolled for the Life Drawing class starting March 3rd ($330) - Yay.

Watched a few hours of the making of Shrek2 and the directors commentary for it.

[journeytime = 3 hours]

Day6 lotsa logos

I created a bunch more logos for Eleanor and Geoff all expanding on the theme and some of them are nice and elegant while conveying the ideas and themeology they were after. Not sure what Geoff thinks yet - but we seem to like some of them. [sample images below]

[journeytime=3 hours]

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Day5 Logos

Got to do a bunch of logo work for GeoffP using an ititial brief from Eleanor and then stretching the boundaries. The logo is for his psychologist practice and they were after surfing and australian type references. Starting with their initial thoughts I created a small number of ideas for them and things are looking good.

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

Day4 sketching

Relies over - so didnt get to do much.
Did some sketching while the kids played games and am happy with my knight and superheroes.
[journeytime = 1 hour]

Sunday, 7 January 2007

Day3 New desk and ergonomics

Got a new desk and shelf unit so my ergonomics should be better now. Will look for a new chair next time to complete the set.
I didnt get alot else done today with Rellies over.
[journeytime = 1 hour]