Saturday, 17 February 2007

Day44 sketching

Did a nice jedi sketch while watching Episode3 and a few other little bits.

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Day43 UT and HL

More talk and thinking with Russell about HL2, UT2004 and the coming of UT2007 and other engines of merit.
Game Dev Awards - Unreal3 wins the engine award:
Unreal Engine 3:

killed my ACL - very bad!

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Thursday, 15 February 2007

Day42 HL2 modding and future

Russell and I had a good talk about HL2, UT and other games and thier application to the kind of Architectural/Design work that he is into. Not only is the slightly older tech of things like UT2004 still excellent, but the newer HL2 and the coming UT2007 are beautiful in so many ways.
We will have to work out some fluid ways for students to work through modding, the plugins, accounts and licensing.

Dived back into Hammer again today and started creating the basics of a new place playing with many of the pieces that will come into being when I attempt the Red Centre. The sky boxes always seem to wreak havok - have to work out how they work properly.

Setup the Wacom graphire3 tablet and did some tests in photoshop - EKELENT !

I did 2 pretty sweet doodles/sketches while in meetings today to top things off.

[journeytime = 3.5 hours]

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Day41 Mod demo

Did a nice long demo of Garry's mod (and HL2) for PM and Deano. The main points were getting across the possibility of using it for a structures teaching purpose. The mod is truly amazing to watch in the cleverness of the physics components. Super fun.

Good long talk about possible futures for the IT programs, should be very exciting.

Ep3 of Heroes again inspired me. (loving the new season of 24 as well btw)

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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Day40 Mermaids, Sketchup and SL

Showed SL and Garry's Mod to Steve, he seemed much more enthused by HL2's possibilities, but hopefully he will have a look himself at SL as it was running pretty badly for me. Garry's Mod is truly amazing, the capabilities of the engine and the cleverness of the objects like the balloons, thrusters, pulleys, ropes and with the physics it is an amazing place. I am checking to see of PM and JC are interested from a structures perspective.

Started on the sketchup tutes - it is fun to do them while watching the videos. Very clever piece of software. The link to Googles library is very nifty as well.

Finished the colouring of the mermaid - the effects are coming together now, even with souch a rough sketch. I like the moodiness of this piece and it is starting to look watery. Even the hair is beginning to get a nice floatiness to it.

[journeytime = 3.5 hours]

Monday, 12 February 2007

Day39 SL and more

Another demo of SL, HL2, hammer and other bits again today. Some enthusiasm from some people about its potential. I am still mighty unconvinced, but time will tell. There is so much potential in the SL world they have created and yet it feels just soo clunky and awkward in so many places. I can just imagine how stunning it would all be if Blizzard took the idea and gave it back to us full realised!

We also showed some people where Google Earth is upto - our planet is a rather amazing place!
I will now have a look at how you get the sketchup models into Google Earth, another frontier for us.

Did a little bit more in WoW as well - still a better community if you ask me :-)

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Day38 Sketches and the Incredibles

Watched The Incredibles on DVD - boy are those Pixar guys just amazing. There is some beautiful big stuff and then some inspired subtle work.

I watched it through a second time listening to the animators and it really rams home the amount of work a film like this takes. It is really interesting to hear them talk about the animation side and that things like cloth and hair come later from a different team. How they would be given just a scene to work with and even then in teams where each character would have a different animator.
I just love the characterisations...
I did some more mermaid-centric sketches - one I inked in outline to see if that is any different for colouring. I have started to colour a really rough sketch to see how that comes out as well.
I opened up the BLOG to the world today - I dont think there is anything to safeguard the way it is turning out. Things are also starting to get more graphical here as well which is a good thing.
[journeytime = 4 hours]