Saturday, 3 March 2007

Day 54 55 56 57 DVDs

Well an ACL reconstruction has meant that all I have really done in these days has been to watch some DVDs like SWep3 (including the commentary), VanHelsing, X-Men and a variety of other things.

[journeytime = 2 hours]

Monday, 26 February 2007

Day53 WoW

Had fun in WoW teaming up with Bum, the best bit was the 2 of us 59s dealing with a 68 who jumped us on our PvP quest - ekelent!

[journeytime = 0.5 hours]

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Day52 sketching and WoW

More oinkyfroggy creations found their way onto the page - some are quite funny.
Also some other sketches of various things, should scan one in and blow it up for inking I think. Perhaps the VanHelsing inspired female character would be a good one - would get to play with flame-lighting, leather, folds of light cloth and metal pieces all in one pic.
So I did this while watching the movie on DVD - a film that is probably better the more times you watch. Some of the effects are very good indeed, the transformations and just simple things like growing teeth etc.

Back into WoW after a short absence, tough work in outland at 59, but good fun.

[journeytime = 2 hours]