Saturday, 17 March 2007

Day72 Mags and Million Masterpiece

Grabbed some new mags - some inital comments before more thoughts later.
ImagineFX Feb2007 - some amazing stuff, Marko Djudjevic and Skan Srisuwan particularly shine.
3Dworld 87 - coverage of Vue and Bryce (have to try these).
International Developer 47 - SL and MMOG features look good.


Million Masterpiece - check out:
A nice piece for sure but if you follow his link to the page that covers how it was created it is very interesting. He created software to build the image in the online software comparing the current pic with the reference image:

This is where my oinkfrog is upto. He is way out in the outer-rim looking back at the whole sphere. There really are some impressive pieces in there...

My profile/pic can be found at:
People should really be looking at the good ones in here to learn how quickly people can realise an idea and use a very simple tool like this to evolve an image to great effect.


WoW is going well, didnt do alot except get my 60 skills - they are expensive but good. Being in a group again was fun and requires quite a different playstyle. When things go crazy it is amazing to see just how many creatures fall to the might of a group.

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]

Friday, 16 March 2007

Day 71 Million Masterpiece and more

Started looking at the Million Masterpiece Project so I can add my part to the big ball. Only put in a background so far - should be fun to create more. The way you can PLAY the creation of a piece is really awesome!!!!


Looking at graphics cards revealed some interesting stuff as far as what the workstation cards like the Quadros deliver over what the desktop cards do.
comparison of quadro specs:
quadro vs geforce (see FAQ.3):


Created a tech-tank mailing list at work to share ideas and tech discoveries with the like minded folk there. FIrst post from me pointed them at Spore and Hexagon, while talking about the graphics card things above. This should be a good facilitator of discussion for us.


Friday WoWing - good to get back into it again. Hit Lev60 finally - YAY YAY YAY

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Day70 Spore, presentations and Ep1

Checked out Spore
"From the mind of Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, comes SPORE™, an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of life through the development of civilization and technology and eventually all the way into the deepest reaches of outer space." [from the site]
The 'creature' creation looks so nice - a bit like a freeform verson of what City of Heroes gave us.

Started to look at digital presentation ideas in the realm of paired plasmas/lcds rather than projectors to support jury type presentations.

Had a look at HL2-Episode One - havent paid for it yet, though it is tempting.

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Day69 RT physics fun

Looked at some intersting vids on the Autodesk site pointed out by Russell. When I first looked at the new Maya it didnt seem to be this nifty - perhaps it is just getting this far...

some more nifty stuff curtesy of the Russ: (a UT2007 one I think) (Alan Wake)

Blimey, Alan Wake looks awesome - not just the static environment, but layered atop that the cinematics, weather, effects and physics look like elevating the emersion up another notch.

[06 screenshot from the Alan Wake site]
super nifty stuff!

DX10 demo stuff also quite amazing - the nice volumetric lighting and water effects - sweeet.

[journeytime = 1.5 hours]

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Day68 Hammer

Worked through Russell's HL2deathmatch intro tute. Simple yet effective as a starting point. I am still getting some strange video things when I run the map through hammer...

[journeytime = 1 hour]

Day67 Precision

Had a look at the kind of box Dell can provide in the precision desktop workstation range for new labs at work. My precision laptop is great and the specs possible on the desktops are jaw-dropping (in performance and price).

The graphics options now go waaay upto the Quadro FX 4500 which isnt NVIDIA's best (now at 5600 in the FX range and that ignores the Plex cards, whatever they are). The 4500 is rated on their site at 181 million triangles per second - whew (though the 5600 clocks in 300 million!)
Interestingly, the 2500M in the M90 laptop is rated at 181 million triangles as well - impressive, most impressive.

[journeytime = 0.5 hours]

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Day66 Elf Complete, Tarzan and more

Finished up the colouring of the Elf. I did end up using donge/burn for the hair to retain the individual hairs while getting some shape and compositional definition going. I think the image has a good feel about it and a different character to my previous work.
The background is just some freehand fun, the paintbrush tool (using colour burn etc) and the dodge.burn tools can be awesome together. Oh and without my trusty WACOM tablet this would all be impossible of course.
I tried (and succeeded I think) to keep him pretty efeminate, he is an elf - not a human and should have that feel. At the same time he has his toughness.
Here is the finished pic:


Watched Disney's Tarzan animated movie - man is the animation great in this movie. The scene where tarzan takes on the jaguar is spectacular in so many ways. But this quality is aparent in many other parts of the movie. The expressive way tarzan moves and the great weight they impart to him and the gorillas - digital animation rarely hits these heights.

Did some more sketches.

WoW - did enough to get myself almost to 60 now - one more session and I will finally reach this lofty goal. The main chunk of the guild is of course 61+ now - sigh.

[journeytime = 2.5 hours]