Saturday, 31 March 2007

Day86 ImagineFX

Read through the First Snow article by Marc Brunet in my ImagineFX mag. It shows good tips in terms of adjusting not just colours, but all manner of details and larger elements as the piece evolves. I will have to try the horizontal flip idea to get new persective as I practice these things going forward.
This prompoted me to check out the ImagineFX site:

There are heaps of workshops and other inspired content to keep me coming back.

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Friday, 30 March 2007

Day85 Max

Worked some more on the simple max file for the display systems. Max certainly has a unique way of making some things harder than they should be. I am finding my way around none the less.

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Thursday, 29 March 2007

Day84 display model

Started a quick model of the potential look for the display panel in 3DSmax.
Max is still far from smooth for me even for the simplest of tasks. That said this first effort is showing enough to start being helpful already. Switching to 50" panels mounted in the same sized board gives a nice effect and can easily scale to a 4 screen presentation.
The paper in the second pic are 6 x A1s and an A0. Need to work on my metal textures - but as a schematic its working.

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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Day83 display kit and Hero

Hero was a blast today - the save the cheerleader episode. I like the way the threads are all cut together and how the various characters all have their tiny piece to play in ticking the plot along. Weaving this many pieces together effectively is a real craft.


Worked on some schematics for the plasma display kit for juries today with several other folk. It is looking very promising in design and funding. Now to mock it up in some 3D app just for the practice! The current design will wield 2 plasma pannels mounted within a steel frame matching the pinup pannels in the works thus far. How much realestate will a student need and how will they run 2-4 pannels?
Looking around on the net revealed ways for a laptop to run another 3 screens - but to get to 4 screens would seem to require 2 graphics cards in a desktop.
Will people ever need to split things more than this - eg run 4 powerpoint presentations at once??

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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Day82 CS3 and analytics

Well CS3 is alive - I dont have it of course - but a look around the Adobe site shows off the appeal. The new Photoshop CS3 extended features: show that in just brand new content alone at the top end of the app Adobe has raised the bar a long way. All this in an application that has no real compeditor - impressive. Actually it is more than impressive - this app can now do magic with images extending itself into 3D and video.
The new selection tools and multi-image alignment are just beautiful:
FlashCS3 brings some nice things, the new ActionScript3.0 looks super, with the debugger, UI tools and more. The integration capabilities and video changes make flash even more usable for anything and everything.
basically the while suite looks swish, with UI improvements all over the place and new features by the handfull.


Google Analytics
Well Google do it again - not sure how long this service has been there - but it looks like a pretty full features stat collecting tool they have thrown out there for us.
I have just added it to this blog (short code snippet into the template) so I can see it actually do something - but the blank report I get thus far looks beautiful :-)


WoW - only got a little done - patchtime came. The daylight savings switcharound came home to punish me. Just one of the many tricks of running a 24 hour wold-centric game.

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Monday, 26 March 2007

Day81 WoW

Just a little play with WoW. I really admire Blizzards ability to create a world that is so stylistically beautiful while remaining simple (in the same way as Manga I guess). EQ2 had a lush realism about it, WoW is soooo much simpler, but they wield textures with great class and introduce style to overcome the simplicity - excellent.


Plus after seeing some of the beautiful product work the IDES students do in just a 4 week project - I found some nice architectural work on the Rhino website: plus some vehicles - gorgeous.

[images from Rhino site]

and it doesnt stop there - look you can do creatures as well:

[more images from the Rhino site]

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Sunday, 25 March 2007

Day80 Bryce

Since I have been using DAZstudio a little, seems obvious that I would look at Bryce next in terms of the Landscape software. It seems to do the landscape generation, and trees and organics. At first glance it doesnt seem to have the depth or firepower of Vue - but does seem pretty capable none the less. It is very cheap though and just look at the images that it can make:

[images from the Bryce gallery on ]

A large part of DAZ's model for pricing is around selling content for its packages. The same goes for Bryce which has a slew of models to download .


OK so I had my own bash at using Bryce (free version 5 that came with my ImagineFX mag).
There is a tute in the mag as well for Bryce which gave me a few pointers - but it isnt quite as simple as it makes out. I havent got the hang of the editor yet - strange interface again that the DAZ software has - some nice things once you get used to them, but still weird.
This image took me quite a while actually and despite the preview seemed to require alot of trial and error from me.

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