Saturday, 14 April 2007

Day100 - YAY

Yes it is day 100 of this blogging and journey - my how time flies

I forgot to look at this landscape generator earlier, so what does Terragen ( to offer. It seems to specialise in the rendering and procedural/heightfield generation side of things. It uses vegetation models from say xfrog and I am not sure how well it would accomodate a 'design proposal' type usage.
That said - check out these images from their website gallery - super:

[images from the Terragen website]


WoW - just a bit for fun

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Friday, 13 April 2007

Day99 Graz, Fidiciose and TrueSpace

Graz Gallery
Had a quick look at the Wikipedia ( entry for the Kunsthaus Contemporary Art Gallery in Graz, Austria. Think Blue alien in an old city and you get the idea. I love the animated facade, which brings the entire thing to life like some kind of living sea sponge even. Having a multimedia facade is a great way to bring art outside the gallery - clever! Google Earth doesnt have a good image of the city, so I cant see it from there - drat. Also check out

[2 images from the Wikipedia page for the Gallery]


TrueSpace etc
Both TruePlace and TrueSpace (by Caligari seem to be very much in the Second Life vain. Though they may come at the same thing from slightly different perspectives, the end result seems to be the same - certainly not a grand new vision for this emerging tech area. They also have GameSpace which is a different animal designed for game developers (entry level) and could be entertaining.
I was planning on installing this and having a look - but I have been underwealmed and will skip it for now.


Decided to check out the work of Skan Srisuwan today - I loved the article covering his work in ImagineFX and the site showcases these same pieces and a couple more. His gallery on CGSociety ( is inspirational for me - I really love imagery like this with complexity and a real outward expression of the sheer amount of work (plus talent) involved.
Here are some of them for us all to drool over:

[images from Skan Srisuwan's gallery on CGSociety]

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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Day98 Elder Scrolls and more

Elder Scrolls & Construction
Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion ( looks quite beautiful - these screenshots of the website illustrate that pretty emphatically.

[screenshots from the Elder Scrolls site]

The construction engine provided with the game (TES) looks a little like NeverWinter Nights at first glance - could be interesting (


Finished - yay! I liked the rescuing of the citizens part and actually the train ride at the very end.


They have just opened a new 3D Gallery - but it would seem to be in TruePlace (something like Second Life from what I can see at first glance). I have to look into this some more!

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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Day97 Heroes, JN and more

Another ripper of an episode again well crafted around so many plotlines and there are no shortage of mysteries, shocks, hopes and revelations.


Jason Knight
Got to his Renderosity page via his comment on my Million Masterpiece page [] for which he has done a lovely square.
His renderosity page [] is truly inspiring to me and shows where I would love to be in this field (even if it is just as part of something more meaty like research etc).
Here is a small teaser of the work he has on display there:

[images from Jason Knight's renderosity page]
Got past the rhino-ant-lion-thing and a chunk further - still lotsa fun.
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Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Day96 HL2 Ep1

Back into the breach after the train wreck.
I find myself stuck in the big battle with the combine, ant-lions and the huge ant-lion-rhino thing. Have tried a whole buncha times and cant get past there yet.
My favourite bit so far was while fighting the zombies and combies when I tuned out the flashlight to let it charge up - heard the moaning and flickied it back on again only to have Alix chuckling away saying that she got me good :-)

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Monday, 9 April 2007

Day95 HL2 Ep1 and Lara

Half-Life 2 : Episode1
Dived into the world of the Freeman again!
What a ride it is too, it is still very linear in the same vain as HL2 - but they bend the rules just enough as you go along to keep it enthralling. Right from the start when Dog chucks you over to the citadel in the car there is some beautiful character stuff (Alix, Dog and co).
The linearity has the effect of me feeling like I am going to succeed perhaps more than I should.
The environment is in the same style (it is the same place) - the scale is vast allowing you to see far off locations that you are working your way towards. The winding puzzles had plenty of 'cool' factor so far.


Lara Croft: Anniversary
She is coming back again. One thing that is worth admiring in the Tomb Raider series are the environments. They play a critical role in each level as part of the 'puzzle'. They also empart alot of the feel and engage with the player. I would love to see the physics of say HL2 built into the Tomb Raider games as well - having the environmental puzzles not quite so colsole like - but fully 3D with the dynamics of physics. Add to this pot the gorgeos protagonist and the particular brand of camera/interface and it should be a winner.
Note that I have no idea how much physics and Lara will coincide - I just hope they do more than just token physics for us all.
Here are a few little pics from IGN's review:

[screeenshot images of Tomb Raider: Anniversary from the IGN site]


WoW - yes just a little to finish off

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Day94 bits

Just a little bit of Wow, discussion and broadening of the mind today.

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