Saturday, 11 August 2007

Day219 photos

I started collecting scenes photographed with the intent of compositing into them today. I collected mucho measurements and took images with my new white and grey balls. I did 2 around a kids playground today in the nice outside world. I think I will do some more simplistic interior bits as well prior to Tuesday - just to get the feel of the task with a simpler set of variables.
These 2 images show my while lighting ball in action - seems to have worked ok.

[2 of the images from my first shoooot shrunk for blogging]

Friday, 10 August 2007

Day218 Maya Tute

Maya supertute continues
I am still getting the hang of how Maya deals with merged poly bits - it seems to generate strange geometry for me at the drop of the hat. That said things are improving all the time and the results are kinda fun.

[screenshot of the tute in action]

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Day217 MDM, Maya and 3D proteins

MDM Screen Culture
We watched 'Images of the World, Inscription of War' by Harun Farocki today. It was tough going in some ways and the theory on display was pretty deep. The threads of war, media, data, numbers, surveillance, vision and more are tough to pin down. More reading required if I am going to get to the bottom of all this.
I also finished my reading for week5 on Remediation and specifically the analysis by Mark Andrejevic of reality tv and its link with the internet usage and more. This was written in 2003 - toda he would be armed with much more I am sure. (this blog actually being a good example).


Working through the superheroine poly modelling tute - all was working much better today. Though I am still kinda slow at some aspects - at least they were working. By the end of the day I still only had a rudimentary model - but it was at least progress.


3D Molecule Viewer at Med
We went to see a demo of a simple setup in medicine at UNSW which allowed us to view with 3D glasses complex moleculular structures. The proteins we got to play with are nice to visualise this way as we arent experienced in seeing structures like these. Though you can get a pretty good feel for them just by being able to manipulate the view onscreen - with the glasses they realy pop out and the effect is far more exacting.

The application of such things to the design visualisation area is obvious, though our human visual system is quite experienced at 'seeing' 3D spaces, thus we can interpret the flat 3D images of spaces on screen quite well even without the actual 3D effect. That said it would be nice to reinforce the 3D nature of the environments being designed with something like this tech.
The other side of the equation is the adaption of tools and techniques used in the design disciplines towards areas like chemistry and molecular biology - even more general medicine and anatomy (the 3D game engines for example).

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Day216 Maya character modelling

Ant Online Maya Character Modelling Tute
Will put us onto this tute on Antony Wards site ( for character modelling using polys in Maya of a superheroine. Ant's site is very nice and shows off some quite excellent pieces of modelling some of which are shown here. These examples are all using Maya, but some of his more recent ones are using Silo which I will have to look into and he does mention the likes of mudbox.

[images from Ant's webpage]

Ant also has a blogger page as well ( which reveals yet more goodies. As his blog chronicles his projects we can see the characters evolve and get an insight into the process, tools, applications and changes he makes along the way.

The tute we are doing for the class is:

I got a little way through this today and was enjoying the process. Alas when I got to the point of joining and splitting etc I was all at sea - time to review the helmet tute.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Day215 MDM and Boujou

MDM Week3 begins
Screen Culture today was all about the famous Marshall McLuhan and a handful of his theory in tute format. I am finding the theory side of media quite interesting so far. I am still working through my reading for week 6 on Remediation.

Maya today was interesting - seeing Will quickly run through some poly modelling against some sketches he made of a little character he had designed. He also ran through a heap of issues with respect to inserting 3D content into photographed scenes. This and some more serious character modelling are a task for the week that I am really itching to get onto now.


Boujou v4
Following up on the art/craft of camera matching I thought I would check out the site of Boujou made by 2d3 ( The software is a plugin for Maya offering some spectacular capability to integrate 3D into live motion footage. Their showreel unveils some nice examples of the idea ( It doesnt look like they have an educational or training version and the real deal is kinda expensive unless you are doing real production - oh well.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Day214 Maya Nurbs & Afterworld

Maya Nurbs Tute and Project
worked through the last of the Maya Nurbs tute today - simple tute to work through though actualy deriving benefit from this will take some time. Whenever I charge off to do something myself it is far from second nature to find what I need so far.

One new idea for the Project 1 modelling task could be to make an oinkfrog :-)
see my MillionMasterpiece square:
The One Million Masterpiece Arts Project
that would be pretty fun - but I would need to build in enough complexity to make it viable hmmm. Maybe I could complexify him/her with a theme - say a cowboy/cowgirl or a painter (to add the paint interacting with the scene back into the mix)
The logic of he/she painting itself into the frame could be cute.


Premiere of Afterworld ( today on Sci-Fi. Hmmm it was very short indeed - they seem to expect me to watch each day which isnt going to happen. It felt like watchng a trailer. The styling has very limited animation in very much a poser-like feel. It reminds me of the way alot of Manga gets away with simple pans, slides and zooms rather than animating...

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Day213 Little Mermaid and more MDMing

The Little Mermaid
Yes, I actually watched this twice today no less ( It is definitively a children's story - yet as with any fairytale it has some resonance for us all if we decide to see it. My enjoyment at seeing the DVD ( came from several directions. First, having not seen it for such a long time - there was some nostalgia there for sure. The movie as a whole is nice - very nice - and is a real signature piece for Disney in a genre that they really own. How many little girls just love the suite of fantasy films they have produced, this one being right up there in their favourites no doubt.
The animation is excellent in many parts of the film and with some early effects work as well is quite lovely to watch. Ariel is gorgeous in several scenes and her flowing hair is a great touch and rather hypnotic to watch actually. Sebastian has the most animated expressions and he exhibits the 12 principles most emphatically. This all came to life for us some 20 years ago now (which is why the new release) - boy does time fly. With new underwater effects on show from ILM, this great little tale can still hold its head up high.
The special features I have yet to explore in much depth - but the Making of the Little Mermaid reveals a wealth of info from the inside. Indeed it reveals how significant this little film was!

[stills from the film from]


More reading about Immediacy, Hypermediacy and Mediation - cool.
Plus some more work on possible Maya project ideas in the sketchbook.