Saturday, 1 September 2007

Day240 C&Cday and 15 second videos

The 3D stands went well at our UNSW Courses and Careers Day, with people getting to see final year Architecture students using engines like Garry's Mod to build Architectural pieces. I did see one guy turn up (young potential student perhaps) that could wield Garry's Mod wonderfully. He took on the new elements in the library creating interesting spaces and connections at break-neck speed.


I tried to get a start on my take-home-exam as well - but that just want happening today...
We watched Batman Forever (the Kilmer, Lee-Jones, Carrey one) and it is quite a blast in a completely candy-cinema kinda way.


15 Second videos
Since we are to create a 15 second masterpiece for 3D I thought I would throw that number into Google to see what came up. Well it seems there have been all manner of 15 second video contests etc.
15 Second Film Festival : Yep, its as simple as that really. Their site is and sports plenty of examples to perhaps inspire.
Youtube has this compilation which makes life easier:

FJORG at SIGGRAPGH : 15 seconds+ of animation in just 32 hours: and it is even better (not to mention 3D generated). Some nice little ideas and some great realisations considering the time constraint.

Friday, 31 August 2007

Day239 Skits

3D animation skit ideas
In looking for 15 second ideas I thought I would check out some skit/sketch ideas - here are a bunch of nifty/funny/clever/hilarious ones to get a kick out of (thanks youtube):

anyhow, more sketching tomorrow, plus take home exams and referencing for my Presentation.

Day238 300 and sketch ideas

300 movie
Watched the DVD through on my mac today actually and that was actually quite a nice way to see it. The whole experience was actually less stylised than I expected (particularly after seeing Sin City only a few days beforehand). That said there was a definitively unique feel to the whole thing, the colour treatment, the shot selections etc. I always liked this famous story of the Spartans holding against the Persian horde. Though my memory of the Spartans and Athenians is a little different. For example I recall the Spartans all taking time before the fight to do their hair and get ready. Plus things I have learnt recently about their culture is scarier still, with wives dressing as men to get the attention of their husbands etc. Oh and there are several bits that remind one of the Lord of the Rings films (bad guys, elephants, audio and even David W himself)
Anyhow, the movie is a blast and really very memorable (that under-sells it actually - its awesome).
Some links to note:

The Trailer is nothing short of stunning actually - perhaps setting peoples expectations up too high. Infact Trailers are a wonderful art form in themselves!!

Page to Screen
For comparison of Frank Miller's graphic novel and Zack Snyder's film check out the page put together on Solace in Cinema ( This shows that the film borrows some beautiful moments from the Miller's work, but also reinterprets things in ways that develop the ideas.

Actually the whole things makes me feel like running outside and yelling "WE ARE SPARTA" :-)

Sketch Ideas
Got the take-home exam for Screen Culture today and spent some time thinking up character concept ideas for 3D Project 2. The paper-people and snooker-balls are kinda fun.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Day237 SIGGRAPH 2007 and some story ideas

I havent got around to having a look at the fun that always come from SIGGRAPH ( each year. So I figured its tie to check out what the cutting-edge had to offer in 2007.

CGSociety took the effort to diarise their experience at SIGGRAPH2007 at (that is Paul Hellard, Barabara Robertson, Renee Dunlop and friends). I will walk through their experience and pick out some of the interesting bits:
Autodesk's aquisition of Skymatter and thus Mudbox was news of course. The giant also unveiled the newer versions 3Ds Max 2008 and Maya 2008 and Motionbuilder 2.5. They also announced their 'masters' recipients for this year, I should check up on these guys to see what they are all about (yes, all guys, no girls in the group).
Toon Boom (the software used to create the Simpsons movie) sounds interesting.
Happy Feet got plenty of attention and their pipeline seems worth looking into further (maybe checking in with Will)
The industry seems strong, with jobs a-plenty in many areas. Check this quote from their writeup of the Wednesday "Digital Domain needs around, yes, 100 people – digital matte painters, tracking artists, compositors, flame compositors, roto artists, previz artists, TDs, software and pipeline engineers. They have three big films coming up: Speed Racer, Mummy 3, and Benjamin Button." The thing that stands out for me here is the specificity of the roles they are after - definatively NOT just a 3D-dude :-)
Massive is something I should check out in more detail, it is evolving and seems to inspire all who see it in action.

Videos of the event
More words wont really show of the advancements being made as well as the stunning work being done with what we already have - just check out these:

The Softimage presentation is also on Youtube for us - I should look more at where these guys are going they take such a back seat compared to Max and Maya. (This is just part one of many btw - plenty to see)

A more academic link of note:
SIGGRAPH Papers on the Web:


Story/Animation Ideas
With our initial story concept due for our animation project on Tuesday I started to look at ideas, either for characters, looks, comedic ideas etc that we could use. With just 15 seconds to play with there is only room for a single strong idea. In that time we need characters, situation, buildup and then the punchline.
Some things that are worth exploring are playing with our medium, toy with colour, polygons, rendering (to grey for example), the fourth wall etc.
here are a few sketches from today :

Day236 Remediation Presentation and 3D Submission

Screen Culture: Remediation Presentation
I gave my presentation today and it went very well. It hummed along with plenty of interaction so we didnt get through heaps of the content I prepared actually. We got through Immediacy, Hypermediacy, their union and some Remediation. The examples were fun to go through and I am glad I spent enough time preparing for it.
Later this week the take-home-exam arrives and in a couple of weeks I have a role as a Respondent for a talk about screen history and the military.

3D Camera Match Submission
Handed in the Maya Project 1 which I am happy with as well. It was lotsa work getting this far in just the 5 weeks. We each spent a few minutes showing the class what we had produced (some people are really struggling). It is really interesting seeing the different strengths people bring to the class, which will make project 2 (in teams) a nifty experience as well. I was kinda hoping to get at least a moment to catch my breath, but we have story idea submissions for next week and then lots more to come.
Will showed us some examples of the 15 second animations done last year and there is certainly plenty to learn and implement before week14!! Some of them mastered individual parts of the whole, but the best were obviously those that brought the whole package together.

So our little team now needs to work on ideas for the animation. Comedic moments much like a skit are an obvious way to go.

Day235 MDMing

Spent lots of hours tidying up submissions for both Screen Culture and 3D Foundation (study is eating alot of time, but is really fun).
Check out the 2 pages over on my site for how the logbook and presentation came together:

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Day234 Remediation and Logbooking

Remediation presentation work
I worked a fair it on my upcoming presentation on Remediation (from Bolter and Grusin's book) and in turn Immediacy, Hypermediation and then onto Reality TV.
I have come up with an interesting question where I am questioning B&G's placement of Immediacy and Hypermediation within Remediation, wereas I think we could see them as a troika of concepts with which to examine media and their use. Should be fun to see this play out in the tute anyhow.
I have been building the entire set of notes on my googlepages site:


Logbook for 3D
One of the components for the 3D MAYA project is a logbook covering the process, work, readings and explorations taken over these first 6 weeks. I am building it within googlepages as well and having this blog arms me with lots of content. I tested saving the file off to a local version and that should let me submit things (for 3D and SC).