Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Aeon Flux & Peter Chung

Watching another handful of the Aeon Flux cartoons is a real revelation. Most of the time I finish an episode and I just feel completely confused about what it could all mean. That said they are definitely thought provoking and visually disturbing all at once.
Creator, Peter Chung, has done a few other things, but this seems to have been his most notable creation. Aeon Flux (from MTV) like most shows has its snippets on youtube which show how the animation and such works. I quite like some of the dialogue, with its deep and meaningful ideas. One of the eps last night had a nice voiceover sequence talking about vision and how things are not inherently visible, they are visible only because we see them. This was followed by thoughts on consciousness and such, very cool.
These images hint at the visual look, and how that comes across in da movie.

[Imagery from the cartoon and the movie adaptation (which I havent seen)]

Peter Chung doesnt seem to have a presence on the net in an organised way, but the CATSUKA site does have some of his neato stylistic character sketches. IGN have a nice article covering the new cartoon series for which Peter Chung did the first 3 Episodes featuring his take on Lara Croft.

[Peter Chung sketches from the CATSUKA site]

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