Sunday, 6 January 2008

Day352 Last HoliDay & Crymod docs and tutes

Holiday Bits
Last day of the hols, so this blog should dive back into more daily fun from now. I have been reading a little more of the Dark Tower, watching things like "Genesis of the Daleks", playing Star Wars Pocketmodels TCG, grabbing an HP Laser Printer and other fun.


TV characters
I have been doing more sketches of TV Avrils, animals and other characters, some or all of which could form part of a music vid. I collected a bucket-load of Avril images some of which have sequences from the same shoot. These could allow me to use them in a semi-animated, semi-static kinda anime way on the screens. Once the idea of having the full video world populated with video-screen-head creatures it all starts to have an internal logic of some strange sort.
The idea is still full of life for a go at an animation where the screens communicate with quotes from films - but perhaps that can be next.
Sticking with the Avril video idea, if I go with Hot then I could use some of the footage quite easily on the screen. If I instead use a track like Innocence, then I could perhaps try and get snippets from several clips that almost sync enough to be believable...


Crysis Video Tutes and Documentation
The Crysis folk have released a video tutorial on Crymod - hopefully the first of a great swarm of them. The tute is short and sweet, fairly racing through the process - I hope there are longer more involved and detailed ones to come, that said it is good to have this one! The same page that links to and covers this tutorial for the creation of a Powerstruggle level, has info on an expansion for the online manual.

Just to keep the inspiration level up, heres an images from the Planet Crysis Picture of the Day - simply stunning!

[Picture of the Day from Planet Crysis site]

Plus, I havent tested this yet, but it could be handy. The CryMod-Launcher.
Speaking of Mods, just check out the huge list of them already on sites like Mod DB.

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