Monday, 7 January 2008

Day353 CGinspiration - details details details

CG Inspiration, Worth Enough?
I am still inspired by the work people create in the software tools we have at our disposal these days. Below is a little piece by Radoslav Zilinsky who with 3ds Max, photoshop, Vray and Zbrush has created a superbly detailed environment in a single image he titled Worth Enough? The depth of detail just seems to go deeper and deeper in the image, what might be little flecks of paint in an illustration are actually detailed little birds here - awesome. The detail level is so extreme that he provided us with zoomed in versions of some of the areas. I have included a few below to get you started.

[Radoslav Zilinksy's Worth Enough? images from his CGSociety gallery]


TV people and soundtracks
Continued to work on the sketches for the TV people video idea. I had a thought that this could be a neato way to do a video clip for a track from a movie, that way the screens could also show footage from the film. This is such a sane idea that I will investigate further :-)

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