Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Day354 SWPMTCG, Dell Gear Coming

Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG - House Rule: Blockade
One thing we havent liked with the Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG is that it can degenerate into a race to destroy objectives where there is little or no ship-to-ship combat at all. It is just a race to get your +3 ships or ground units up the other end and then to target and destroy defenceless objectives. We have introduced a single rule to help this, though it perhaps needs some further thought.
Over the course of the conflict a player may move upto 5 build stars of units into blockade positions, doing so is done in a movement phase just like any other. A unit moved into a blockade position is closely guarding an objective and must be defeated before a full strike on that objective can be attempted. The blockade unit is placed upon the objective in question whether face up or down. Once in position that card cannot be swapped out for other objectives from the players hand until the ships are removed or destroyed.
Blockade ships cannot initiate combats and cannot use combat cards, but are affected by any relevant objectives in play.
The rule as it stands does give a player a defensive option as they can now draw out a combat somewhat. There are enough variables in the game to warrant plenty more experimentation and it would be nicer to not need a special rule like this to make it work - but hey.

The Forums on BoardGameGeek have people playing with other rule variations and all manner of other chat of course.


Dell Gadgetry, Alienware & Benchmarks

Following the look at the sexy Dell monitor coming, it is worth checking out the other things the Dell juggernaut is delivering. The CES site for Dell showcases some of the fun they have in store - including the beautiful 22" Display.

The Dell US Site has some nice new things that will hopefully come our way soon enough. The XPS All-In-One is riding the new trend of building computers into screens that the iMac dominates for style. The XPS One Desktop doesnt seem to have the config options that the other models do, but does sport a Radeon HD 2400 graphics card in there.

Checking out NotebookCheck's graphics card grunt chart this card really doesnt set the world on fire and with no upgrade option this machine doesnt spark enough of my interest yet.

Dont forget their XPS 720HC which has grunt and liquid cooling to 'burn' - that is pretty neat for a tier one vendor like Dell. These machines can sport those dual GTX 8800's which is waay up there on say TomsHardware's Graphics benchmark list.

One of the holes in Dell's arsenal previously was the tablet pc, well no more. They now have the Latitude XT. I dont know too much about tablets, but this does seem pretty good in this field.

To highlight the vibe that Dell is showing, they have the Dell Lounge which covers gaming, community and their hardware. This site also shows us the new link with Alienware - it will be interesting to see if this means a chnage for the XPS range. Will Dell's ownership of Alienware mean we will get this kit with the Dell warranty here in Oz in times to come perhaps - that would be cool.

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