Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Day355 Alienware, 3DWorld100 and Vids

Alienware's Wares
With Dell and Alienware teaming up in some fashion, taking a closer look at their kit seems sane, even if for the moment the warranty is still return to base which isnt really good enough for here at work, for a home it would be acceptable. So what do they have to offer, particularly in differentiation with Dell's XPS range?
Looking at the desktops, they have a mixture of Intel and AMB offerings, and on the graphics from have both ATI and NVIDIA in dual configs for us to drool over. It is pretty easy to spec these beast well into the $10K range which is pretty frightening for a single machine.
The laptops are perhaps more interesting, with the 17" and mighty 19" Aurora mALX. But these things arent brand spanking new or anything. The reviews from Cnet, ZDNet and PC Perspective are from late '06 and early '07. Perhaps the most notable feature of the machine is the incredible weight of it all and I guess the grunt that comes with that.

[images from the PC Perspective review of the Alienware Aurora mALX]


3D World issue 100
Congrats to 3DWorld for hitting the big 100. The Top 100 3D movies (influentially speaking) article is fun and prompted some good discussions and trips down memory_lane over lunch. And I couldnt help but hip out 300 (number 3 on the list) and watch it in the evening - love the film.

Orangina Ad
The Projects round-up section included one of the new commercials by The Mill. The Orangina advert used Motionbuilder, XSI and Maya to create Naturally Juicy. It is a cheeky, sexy little ad with lots of detail and no shortage of 3d technical skill on display. As with all such things we have it on youtube here, or the nice hi-res version is on the Mill's site.

The piece is a little like the Cascade Laga advert, but fully CG - lots of fun!


The mag has some other nice articles and some tutes that I am actually looking at doing rather than just glancing at. I am really glad I grabbed the subscription of it that's for sure.

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