Thursday, 10 January 2008

Day356 Mac Pro & Vids

Apple's Mac Pro Beast
I heard Apple referred to as a lifestyle company yesterday, despite this their latest upgrade to their Mac Pro puts a pretty hefty piece of hardware on the desk. They are marketing things like the standard 8 cores - whew and targeting the graphics world in which we play everyday.

[the silver look continues, image from the Apple site of the Mac Pro]

Apart from a choice of 3 graphics options, drive space to burn and all manner of other juicy technical pieces to the puzzle, it is all packaged nicely and with the new Leopard and the new Vista to drive things it should be a joy.
Speaking of Joy, wouldnt it be great to run 8 screens like this - drool.

[8 screens running from a Mac Pro from the Apple site]

Add to this Microsoft/Apple have now got Office2008 for the Mac - neat.
I am feeling a little behind now, I will have to get upgrades to Leopard, iLife, Office, Maya and the list goes on.


Looking at doing the music video with the screens, the mighty youtube has heaps and heaps of such things of varying quality of course. Lots of people seem to like to take a set of stills of the artist (or even a single one) and then upload their song their as if they have created something. Others go to more effort, zuy9's clip for Innocence cuts together lots of bits of her other videos to construct one which is better. A search for an unreleased track like One of those Girls gives you some 319 hits. Some of these links are at least trying as well, Ninjakitty16 uses clips form Teen Titans, gisellebebegirl and queenofamerica used Final Fantasy to great effect, some use the Sims and many use clips or stills from all manner of shows, boy are there alot.

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