Friday, 11 January 2008

Day357 3Dfun, Machinima and iCinema

3Dfun via 3DBuzz
In looking through some of the threads on 3DBuzz I can across a few fun little pieces of 3D.

This little demo reel from the Vancouver Film School shows a very short bit and then breaks it down a bit for us.

There are plenty of other fun things going on there as usual.

[2 images from the 3DBuzz Gallery Forums]


Machinima Work
I and a bunch of fellow 'actors' helped Russ with the machinima component of the art project he is working on. It was certainly great fun for us running around in gmod, and though it eas decidedly more work and stress for our director, I think it was fun for all - cant wait to see the cut on Monday now.


The iCinema folk here at UNSW are open for one and all as part of the Sydney Festival - which is great. Everyone should check it out, I will pop in there at some point in Jan to see it again for sure.

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