Thursday, 17 January 2008

Day362 Check out Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones
There is a very neato article by Renee Dunlop on CGSociety about Andrew Jones the creative director of Massive Black. He is a great example of what a digital artist can be, delivering not just style and talent but a freshness and joy at having the art part of events. The picture of him wandering around with a Cintiq tablet attached to him via a guitar strap wherever he goes is quite inspired and goes way beyond all of us who have a sketchbook in our pockets or bags! That he now works live with DJs and musicians and such would be something to behold, I remember seeing the artists working live at the roundhouse last year and that was cool, this would be stunning.

[Images from the CGS article on Andrew Jones]

If you check out a video like this one on youtube he refers to himself as a "cultural stenographer" when describing his work as a pseudo vjay. He also shows us his guitar-strap-tablet construction.

Andrew Jones' website is a piece of art in itself (as we would expect), though I would prefer to get higher-res images of his amazing work. That is where his blog comes in - it is basically just a blog of images - very cool images of course. Here are a few examples:

[images from Andrew Jones' blog]

Andrew is one of the founders of the mighty and his profile sports more of his work. He also has a profile on ImagineFX which comes with a nice quote that he is trying to communicate with our inner reptilian brain - cool. His portfolio just goes on and on, indeed he is working on Illuminated (see embedded vid below) which looks like a great concept and has a look that will demand attention.

[this is using the reference iFrame version from]

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