Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Day362 Macworld 2008

Apple's Macworld 2008
Steve Jobs and the Apple team always seem to be able to launch things and make them feel special, new and surprising. How they keep a lid on their developments is quite amazing as is their skill at making all these products fit so well with our desires and techy feel.
As always their products never tick all the boxes, but they seem to overcome any shortcomings by going waaaay over the mark with a few special ticks that make the whole somehow irresistible.

The Keynote
The Keynote address is pretty drawn out, but still full of info on the new things Apple have, things that are a week old like the Mac Pro barely get a mention. I actually find watching things like this rather awful, they are somehow a little too overtly American, with the pride, cheering and icky arrogance of it all. That said, Steve is far more approachable and watchable than most CEOs out there and does get to show off the amazing work his company does.

MacBook Air
This little (thin) baby is the darling of the presentation and despite some of the strange bits in the offering it is without doubt a remarkable notebook. Apple really do make the nicest notebooks by a long way now and it is really only cost and for some the extreme features that would stop them being on everyone's laps. My Macbook Pro styling which has been around for a while now is still as slick as they come and this new machine steps up the design stakes yet again. The solid state drive is an interesting option, for me the optical drive is more than an option and to say that connecting to other machines to share their drives is good enough is a stretch for me. The Macbook Air brings a weight and thinness that is off the chart for a laptop with this size screen and maybe even performance. The engineering sets a new high and the worls now has a new thing to drool over or desire.

[images of the beautiful MacBook Air from the Apple site]

There are a heap more things to admire like the new Time Capsule which is a bit like the routers we can get these days with USB ports to connect a drive to. The advantage here is that is smoothly connects to the TimeMachine software in Leopard to backup your machine.
The Movie Rentals addition to iTunes could be good, not here in Oz yet of course. It was interesting that purchasing the movies didnt seem to be an option. Apple TV and the iPhone etc all get new goodies and his keynote speech does reel off plenty of figures around the might of things like Leopard, the iPhone, iPod and iTunes.


Me, well I need to get hold of: Leopard, iLife08 & Office2008, then perhaps somehow try the likes of Logic Studio and Final Cut Studio


Kung Fu Panda

Since we are with Apple and the are the source of Trailers for one and all, we cant go past the delights of Kung Fu Panda (cant wait).

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