Friday, 18 January 2008

Day363 iCinema, OQO, Pedro and more

iCinema Visit
My second visit to the iCinema facility here at UNSW. The kids loved it, though it was only 30mins and covered just their T_Visionarium app.


Since seeing the ultra-thinness of the new MacBook Air, it seems only fair to check out things like the OQO which is just flat out teensie. The Aussie OQO site has them for The specs are very nice for something so completely minescule with 1.5GHz and 1GB of RAM, the graphics is a VIA VX700 (which I know nothing about). That said people are playing World of Warcraft on the OQO-go with this so it can do the job. This WoW vid shows that it is a little clunky to use your thumbs to play a game like this compared to a full keyboard and mouse, but considering you could do it all standing up at a bus stop, that is pretty clever!

These little beasties have been out since mid 2007, I think this is the kind of tech we could adapt to perform walk-around-spaces doing IT tasks here in FBE - plenty of research opportunity. At $2,700+ they arent throw away money, but they arent freakishly expensive either and could make turn all manner of projects around the place into very mobile ones indeed.

[image of the OQO from their australian site]


Pedro Delgado
In exploring about the place I came upon Pedro Delgado's profile area on DeviantArt. I still really love the modern American comic feel when done like this. His gallery is chockers with great pieces both pencils and with colour and his clean anime comic look inspires me to do better!! He has done pencils and inks for only a few comics, I hope more to come. Here are 3 quick examples to lure us all in:

[3 pieces from Pedro Delgado's DeviantArt Profile]


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