Saturday, 19 January 2008

Day364 Crysis End and TRA

Crysis End
Yep, just before my hols I saved my progress in Crysis faced with a huge battle on the deck of the aircraft carrier. Little did I know that that was essentially the end of the game. I really hope there is more to come - the story was really only just warming up.
I couldnt play this battle at the res I was used to in fact and had to run on medium 1024x768 which just shows how much was going on.


Tomb Raider Anniversary
Played some more of TRA, since it hasnt graced my screen for a while now. I am actually quite impressed how big this game is, I seem to have played for hours and I have just finished chapter 6 (The Coliseum) and there are 14 chapters in all plus the Manor. The graphics just arent in the league of Crysis, but it is still fun to see Lara leaping about the place.

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