Sunday, 20 January 2008

Day365 Sketches and Watching Stuff

Sketches while watching things
I had fun doing a series of sketches on various topics wile veging out watching things like: Tombstone (I love a good western and this is chockers full of telent); Bubblegum Crisis (The first 4 episodes anyhow, good bit on anime is good for the soul); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (the effects work is stil fun to watch); An Aeon Flux to finish up (had been a long time since seeing this now classic animation).

One of the things about Tomnstone are all those mighty Moustaches! So here is one page of the sketchbook with some Insectoid Cowboys with newly found Mos.

[G sketches 20 Jan 2008]


1 Year On
I am thinking that with this being Day365 that from now on I will blog by topic (as is more normal anyhow) but I will see what tomorrow brings. I am really happy that I have kept this up for a full year of days now and were it not for this I would definately not have buried myself so fully into the realms covered herewith. YAY!

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