Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Jae Lee and The Dark Tower

Since I am enjoying the ride Stephen King is giving me in The Dark Tower, when I hear that Marvel is making a comic prequel - that really warrants a closer look. Then when I see that the artwork is by Jae Lee - that really gets exciting. I remember Jae Lee's run on Namor with great enthusiasm and WildCATS Trilogy, I am sure they are still sitting in my comic boxes somewhere. Jae brings that dark, scratchy awkward feel to his work that should translate oh so well to Stephen Kings work. The Hellshock site has a series of covers from then and more recently.
Next time I am in the City I will see if I can pick up a graphic novel for the set, no doubt it will be hard to get the individual issues. To give a feel for the fun in store here are 3 of the covers, again from the Comic Vine site.

[The Dark Tower: Gunsinger born covers by Jae Lee from the Comic Vine site]

And by way of continuing the FF theme from yesterday - here is a Fantastic Four cover by Jae Lee - oozing style as always:


On a side note, with respect to Google indexing the site - after the name change. It seems quite hard to actually work out what the state of play is. On the one hand if I do a Google Search for "oinkfrog" I get 17 pages of links (if expanded) many of which are direct links to the blog. Lots of these still point back to the old address 3Doinkfrog.etc while maybe 8 or so point to the new one - and they have no real pattern to them.
The Google Webmaster site still doesnt have any data on the blog :(

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