Thursday, 31 January 2008

Marvel Zombies & Arthur Suydam

Marvel Zombies
Continuing the Comic feel of the last few days, there was obviously lots of fun to be had startng back in 2005 when the concept of Marvel Zombies first reared its half rotting head. Once spawned the idea flourished into a whole suite of crossovers, specials and alternate realities taking in all the Marvel characters much loved by all.
I havent read the comics yet, but by all accounts they are pretty cool - so along with the Dark Tower set I will have to keep an eye out for them when I am next in the city.
The Marvel site has plenty of info for us including a nice gallery of the covers and other deliciously decaying bits and pieces. Most of the covers are by Arthur Suydam and the Botch the Crab blog (thanks Adam) has collated Arthur's covers together for us - here are six to really set the tone (hear the groaning and screaming in your head):

[Arthur Suydam covers from various Marvel Zombies comics from Botch the Crab]

Arthur Suydam
Onto the artist in a touch more detail, Arthur Suydam has his own site (seems obvious these days but so many artists dont). There isnt a whole heap there for us (yet), but he does link us over to Richard Boom's fansite for more. Note that Arthur is one of those completely traditional folk using real paint to ply his craft. I think his style would translate very well to digital creation and all the layering techniques that can fit the Zombie look. Even so, he has a great sense of style and playful disrespect of his characters when requred - here are a few more of his images (even some not of zombies, shock horror) - I still have a heap of respect for his craft:

[More Arthur Suydam covers, various projects from Boom's site]

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