Thursday, 24 January 2008

NEW Blog Name & Look

This blog now has a neater URL and name. Now just without the 3D, this better reflects the more diverse nature of things covered here including design, illustration, gaming and hardware. I have updated Google Analytics and I am not sure what else will break, I will be interested to see how the search engines like Google cope with the change.
I will have to email those out there who know about the blog of course :-)
I have verified the site with the Google Webaster Tools, but this is the only post showing up yet - hopefully all it needs is time.

hmmm I have to track back and fix all the internally referenced links throughout the blog - darn it.
I have found this nice chronicle of doing a similar thing and how quickly/slowly things get updated in things like the Google Search Engine.

I have taken a bit of time to make a handful of updates to the look of the blog at the same time. There is a quick header image (blogger makes adding that a breeze) along with changes to colours, underlining and such - things look at least a little more polished and less 'standard-templatey'.

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