Tuesday, 5 February 2008

3D World 101 - MIR and Ognian Bonev

The latest edition of my 3D World mag I have been looking forward to and it is always great to get it in my hands. This issue has an Architectural Visualisation emphasis and thus perhaps an even higher than normal percentage of 3ds Max and V-ray.

MIR Visualisation
The cover mage from MIR Visuals kicks things off, and it os not just the quality of the modelling and rendering that is on show here, but the real style in composition, lighting and how the architecture is shown off - ekelent.

[image of two of the MIR pages from 3D World 101]


Ognian Bonev (North) and The Outpost
The most striking and inspiring image for me is a fantasy piece actually called The Outpost which was done with the usual suspects of 3ds Max, and photoshop with Mental Ray sneaking in there. North has his website where this and other images can be drooled over by the rest of us - it is pretty amazing how they were all built in 3D. One of the things I love is the sheer amount of detail crammed into the images and the non-CG feel he has going - really ekelent.

Check out his Game Art Gallery as well - some lovely renders showing how the models are built.

[3D CG images by North rom his website]


One of the things I feel is distinctly missing is any coverage of real-time visualisation with respect to Architectural Visualisation - this is something we need to work on through FBE!

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