Sunday, 24 February 2008

AEC Magazine, news on Opera House & GC

The site for AEC Magazine has all manner of news in the CG Architecture front. The topline article at the moment is Greg Corke's piece on the Remodelling of an Icon (Our Sydney Opera House no less). The work Arups have done sounds really clever in not only creating a BIM model for such a complex building, but also integrating that with other systems and schedules.
Have a look at this representation of how they generated the modelled form of the acoustic panels below. I thought our BIM guys here in FBE were playing a role in the project as well - I will have to check up on them...

[BIM model of the Opera House from the AEC Magazine article]


Oh and with us about to start using GC (Generative Components) in courses this session here in FBE (Go Tam and Jeremy), it is interesting news about its proponent (Robert Aish) from Bently is now an Autodesk human. No doubt this will mean Autodesk will come up with something in this space before too long. The article on the site has more info of course.

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