Thursday, 21 February 2008


I still havent had a good go of Poser and Daz Studio, but the ads I get each week show off the impressive array of content created for them, like Aiko. I have looked at Aiko 3 (it was a freebie with something else). Anyhow the DAZ site now has Aiko 4 for us as well as giants like V4. Indeed the V4.2 base is required for Aiko4 now - she is built on top. This shows in the skin, body and tones, but does mean she doesnt seem to have quite the same anima like feel of Aiko 3.

EDIT: There are some nice morphs for A4 now like Keisha and Naime.

Here are a few images from the site - some arent anything like this good...

[3 promo images of the new Aiko4 from the DAZ site]

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