Friday, 8 February 2008

Dubai - And Dynamic Architecture

Whenever you check out the wonders that are taking place in Dubai it just seems ever more amazing. The concurrent construction work taking place there is staggering, with cranes and projects everywhere you look. The projects arent just of the 'get the job done' variety, they all seem to be huge and setting new benchmarks, for being the worlds largest, tallest, busiest, most luxurious or most expensive.

[3 of the amazing projects in Dubai from the Delft site]

Many have documented the wonders going on there - Delft Uni has a nice summary and the ritemail blog covers the same basic ground. There are also youtube vids like this one with commentary by Bruce Fenton. The whole thing has a rather Vegas feel to it with headline architecture and cost extravagance, but things have certainly been stepped up a notch or two here. There seems little doubt that if Dubai can pull this off it will in very short order become a super-city with real world clout.


Dynamic Architecture
Though there are many extraordinary things going on there - one particularly interesting one is the first project from Dynamic Architecture. Their building concept allows the individual floors to rotate creating either vertical 3D patterns or randomness. Then there are the wind turbines between the floors to generate power for the building and more. This for me shows the start of a great trend towards architectural spending not geared solely towards profit for the developer - filling that same space with saleable floors would generate more income - but this is vastly more sustainable and future thinking. Plus the floor can move - how cool is that!!

[images of the Dynamic Architecture Tower coming to Dubai first - from their site]

I also like the blobby Italian design at the end of the vid - it is all very exciting:

Russell's studio last year in final year Architecture that tackled ideas of movement and dynamically responsive architecture shows that FBE is exploring alot of these ideas and other studios like Deo's are all about the sustainability side of things. Seeing these studios unfold again in 2008 is going to be exciting.

The other thing that we get along for the ride with all this Architectural one-up-man-ship are the CG renders and animations. May of them are relatively standard fair, but since some of the projects have budgets in the billions, they can afford to show off a little more on this as well.

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