Friday, 22 February 2008

Kuwait's Khabary Future City

After looking at some of the Architectural wonders coming to life in Dubai and Beijing lately I was intrigued to come across this huge development in Kuwait. The Khabary City is a vast complex of new buildings forming a new area with a common Architectural styling.

The design for the ten million square foot masterplan is thanks to James Thomas from Make Architects. The scale of the forms in the place are impressive, given that similar ideas could have been attempted previously, but definitely not like quite like this. The article in AEC Magazine covers the design and CG work nicely for us. Below are images from this article and one on the skyscraper forum.

[images of the Khabary Future City in Kuwait from AEC Magazine and Skyscraper Forum]

DesignHive in the UK created both the branding and the visualisations for the project. The animations and stills were created in 3ds max with VRay as the renderer. Interestingly they used Combustion to composite things together to retain the visual quality of stills through their larger animations.

The Khabary website is all Flash and promos the site with video and commentary! The youtube vid here is one of them and shows off the scale of the project and the animation work of DesignHive.


Kuwait has other super projects like the 'City of Silk', obviously oil is providing these nations with the capital to finance simply humongous works like these.

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