Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Macs and Gelaskins

The number of people I run into with Apple hardware these days (esp at uni) seems far higher of late. I can be in a meeting where multiple people will whip there MacbookPro's out onto the desk - outnumbering the HPs and Dells of the world. This change I can see around the place is proving most entertaining to watch. The article in 3D World 101 by Mark Ramshaw called Macs in 3D - The Myths Debunked explores the idea of running a mac based 3D shop. This is just one more signal of the inroads in thinking that Apple are making. This is of course atop their dominance in the world of the iPod, iPhone and such and indeed their beautiful laptop and desktop hardware combined with the critically acclaimed OSX.

anyhow, one of the many nice additions one can dive into for our Apple kit is the gorgeous stuff from Gelaskins. Though I am yet to see these things in the flesh - check out how simply stunning they look in the images - drooool. Though our pure and simple Apple hardware looks pretty nice all naked just the same - hmmmm.

[images of some of the Gelaskins from their site]


I have now seen the Blowfish version on a MacbookPro - very nice it is too, and it completely obscures the glowing logo for those interested.

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