Sunday, 10 February 2008

NVArt Competitions

Over at CGSociety there is a nice coverage of their competition with mighty NVIDIA. The NVArt : Amazing Creations comp had a host of digital artists asked to submit pieces created that could only exist in a virtual imaginary world. The winning entry is very neat and for me looks even better really close up. Like most of the entries it is very organic in feel, rather abstract as well.
Here is the winner and 2 of my other favourites, check the article for more:

[entries for the NVArt comp on the CGSociety site]

The next in this series of Competitions is titled artspace and has people tasked with creating the most awe-isnpiring architecture and landscape. What more can we ask for. We only have until March 10th if anyone around here is keen. There are 32 entries already, but most seem to be either WIP or just very standard fair architectural renderings.
The INSPIRATION section is a whole other world of wow, in perhaps multiple media they are good examples of imaginative landscape and architecture (I love the first one here) - check these:

[inspiration images for the artspace NVArt comp on the CGSociety site]

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