Friday, 1 February 2008

Oscar Shootout on VFX

This year has another suite of heavyweights duking it out for the VFX Oscar. CGSociety have a nice article covering the 'race' by Barbara Robertson. With the winner of the little golden statue to come from The Golden Compass, Transformers or Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - any of them will be worthy winners. I was personally blown away by the effects work of all three, it would have been fun to sit in on the "bake off" - actually it woul dbe neat if we could download the full bake-off set (or get it on DVD even) so we could see the entries from the wider nomination set as well. I like the way the bake-off was described on the vfxphd, how the seamless effects work in something like the Bourne Ultimatum could be overlooked because it is jst so darn hard to spot the effects at all...
The article by Jill Smolin on VFX World gives us a view of things from the night where the 7 films showcased their wares in the bake-off and how awesome the effects work is at this level and in so many films.

[The 3 nominations for the VFX Oscar]

I would really love to see the bake-off footage for myself - seeing it all distilled down like that for the 7 films would be awesome. Who will take out the gold-dude, that is something of a lottery, but I have a feeling that The Golden Compass might actually get the award this time as the Academy might be ready to award the integrated rather than the flashy (which would mean ILM would miss out) - we shall know soon enough.

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