Thursday, 7 February 2008

A peek at Iron Man

Comic adaptations to film are something that I look forward to on many levels and we have had some super films in this category of late. The Iron Man will come crashing into our large screens at the start of May and it features some big talent names and some juicy CG effects work.

[images from Iron Man from the Marvel site]

Robert Downey Jr stars here and brings a gritty depth to the lead role that should bring some life to the character that needs it when it has to spend alot of time buried under the suit. This is even more important than for Batman who at least still gives us a mouth when in costume. There are plenty of other class actors turning up for larger and smaller roles and we can only hope it ll comes together. I like the way we will see the suit evolve through the film (in stages anyhow) and the plotwork from the trailer looks interesting.

The CG comes to us from the ILM masters and will doubtless be flawless and deliver to us a believable Iron Man strutting his stuff. ILM will it seems be using RDJs motion capture to get that link with the actor and their CG double. I hope they will get his weight to feel right - given he is semi-robotic that may prove a little simpler for them. We can be sure there will be plenty of combat, explosions, fire, flying and metal metal metal everywhere for the CG artists to work on. Sites: Iron Man Official; IMDb; Wikipedia; Marvel.


Being a major comic adaptation there is a great deal of gorgeous reference material from talented illustrators - ComicVine of course gives us many to browse through:

[images from Iron Man comics from ComicVine]

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