Saturday, 16 February 2008

Stage6 and Onimusha

Youtube is without any doubt the king of online video, but there are scores of others, many of which have features that make them appealing for various reasons. In looking around at reviews/comparisons of other offerings I came across stage6. Stage6 is one of the sites that gives us larger and higher quality vids (at the expense of being able to watch them instantly in most cases). For showing off quality this sort of things will become essential and the Googleheads are working on an update for Youtube which will throw videos at us of an appropriate quality to match our connections (or something to that effect).

Speaking of stage6 - There are a bunch of videos of game intros for us to drool over. Onimusha is a console fighter that excels in this regard. Below is an embed for Onimusha: Demon Seige (3) (which will hopefully work for people - though their embed plugin should at least give us a preview still - silly) plus check out Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams (4) and Onimusha: Samurai's Destiny (2). They are also AWESOME - beautiful effects, modelling, choreography, editing and style.

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