Sunday, 17 February 2008

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The continuing telling of the Star Wars story is about to take its next step with an animated feature film and ongoing TV series. While we've had several series of the 2D animated Clone Wars this new suite of tales from the same period brings another update in animated styling - now 3D throughout.

[trailer for the new series - this time from VEOH]

The original 2D stylised animations were full of character and while exuding the feel of the saga delivered their own new take on things. There have been other takes of course through the comics and illustrations etc. Check out these images from the first Clone Wars series.

[Images from the first round of Clone Wars from the AnimatedTV site]

The Star Wars site has plenty of vids and info on all manner of things, including the new Clone Wars. The animation ties in very closely to the visuals and the editing and shots of the saga films. We have the new stylish 3d game engine styling, but the character is very much like the cinematic films - which should be great. The look isnt in the same class we see from the likes of PIXAR, it is much more like TV animation, but with effects thrown in and nice editing. If this was really meant to be seen as more than just some fun, then the animation would need to step up to the elite - it instead has the feel of a 3D cartoon rather than a cutting edge animation. That said I think it could be fun to watch - time will tell.

Here is some of the imagery for us:

[Images from the new Star Wars Clone Wars from the Star Wars site]

The blog entry by Pete Vilmar has a nice intro to the art of CG Animation for everyone covering modelling, rigging and such.


Oh and since it is all rather cg-game-looking, feel free to check out game trailer vids like this one for Star Wars: Force Unleashed.

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