Friday, 1 February 2008

TripleHead2Go first look with 138" of screen

With our new suite of 46" Mitsubishi 1080p LCDs we got a couple of Matrox Triple Head 2 Go boxes which let us easily connect 3 screens to a single machine. So we couldnt wait when they turned up and connected 3 of our BIG screens via the box to one of our XPS1730 beasts that we have been using for building the image.
The result was a HUGE display, once the drivers were installed and even though the work bench is pretty big, it felt pretty oppressive at close range. Windows running at 3840x1024 on 138" of screen is quite a sight, and applications are either a looong way apart or really stretched out. Sketchup and things are fun, but perhaps not really useful at this stretchy scale.
The next step was the software to configure the game engines to deal with the display res - there are a bunch of configs built in, CS Source being the one that we already had loaded on the machine. So in we went, looking around the CS:Source maps, solo it was fine, in-game it was really hard with the HUD controls waaaay off to the sides :-)
The immersive feel with the large screens and the peripheral vision is quite awesome. Though the perspective is quite distorted at the edges, you really cant see it and having the 3 screens is definitely step-up from even a single 46" beast.

[images of the 3 huge screens running CS:Source]

We still have to work on bezel management (the software lets us adjust for the gaps between the live screens = the corby effect). We just got TF2 going which is cool and we should play with the driver to handle the wide screen proportions better. Much fun to be had going forward as we fire up our other real-time engines of choice.

Stay tuned for more...

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