Saturday, 9 February 2008

Watchmen - can it become a movie

I finished re-reading my Watchmen Graphic Novel - blimey it is good. The work is so classy in its multiple threads, plot and character complexity and also the execution. I looked at this baby and its imagery not so long ago - but the cover images dont convey how clever the illustration is. It really is a graphic novel it is not a story with a few illustrations.

By way of realising this work as a movie - I am actually a little worried. There is quite a bit of complexity in the work that it integral to the plot and characters. This is very different to the usual adaptations of comic fair we are used to seeing where they take the 'idea' of the comic and characters only. Then the movie goes about reinventing them, their world and adversaries. With the Watchmen the characters, plot and visuals are all tied together to create the magic that is the comic. Soooo we can only hope that a great deal of talent is being poured into the movie to try and realise the vision...