Saturday, 2 February 2008

Wireless Broadband test

With UNSW about to go live with its new wireless service, the need for us to investigate the idea of going with devices like Optus' wireless broadband is reduced. That said, it is still a neat idea and with the demo Huawei E220 from Optus it is worth looking at least a little. Under Windows it installs just beautifully, finding the software on the device itself and getting you going with a nice little app to control things. Unless I am missing something, it wasnt nearly so friendly on the Mac, I had to download the drivers from Huawei and configure things manually. This worked as I am creating this blog entry via the doodad. Pages like Trevor Long's help in this setup silliness.

After just a little playing I have to say it isnt as fast as I was hoping, I have Optus broadband cable here and it seems much faster (not as fast as UNSW of course, but we have overkill there). I even had trouble uploading the little pic below using the device - something isnt happy (apart from me :-)

test Optus Wireless broadband driving my macbookpro connection
[test Optus Wireless broadband driving my macbookpro connection]

I am tempted (weather permitting) to take the laptop and the device for a little tour of the beach and get a feel for how neato that idea is :-)

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