Tuesday, 5 February 2008

WoW RPing

One of the reasons I shifted away from WoW was that the game made expression and individuality not a natural thing, infact Role-Playing is a rare sight at more often than not just annoying to people. We had been bashing around the idea that we could build a fun group/guild that was centred around the inefficiencies that often come along for the ride with RPing. Something like our all Gnome guild from the EQ days.
It seems we arent the only ones thinking along these lines, The Legendary Sisterhood is an all Blood Elf Female Mage & Priest guild with more besides. It is a neat idea that when done in numbers (146) like this really does set people apart. They even have the naming thing as we did with the Gnomads all those years ago. The article on WoWinsider (thanks for the tip Andrew) has some more detail of the fun they are having.

[image of the Legendary Sisterhood from wowinsider]

ps. I did note on their guild page that one male character seems to have snuck in there - SisterBozo which seems appropriate.

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