Sunday, 30 March 2008

11 Screens for Good Game

The crew from ABC2's Good Game were in at FBE on the 27th to interview Russell Lowe about his use of gaming technology in the education of Architecture here at FBE (and a few of his other research areas).

To help showcase where Russ is upto, we setup 11 of our 46" LCDs. We drove them with our set of XPS1730 laptops showing both live 'ingame' action of the Architectural Models and edited video footage. The images below show the techno-chaos that so much kit creates - it looked awesome. Yes the spaghetti cabling is something I would like to get under control, but this is all a work in progress.

The interview seemed to go very well with all the right sort of questions being asked. The setup seemed to be appreciated, though they would have liked to have had students using the tech as well. Bajo was the half of the main pair that was here on the day with a skeleton crew - I am not sure when the spot will air, could be a fair way off though.

[image pre and post interview of the 11 screen setup for Good Game, Russell himself is in there as well]

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