Wednesday, 12 March 2008

3D World 102 and Haze

I like the way 3DWorld 102 gives us one huge tutorial showing how Steve Lambert took the concept designs for a dinosaur through the Weta pipeline of modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, lighting and rendering. Though there are other part to the puzzle this still gives a great insight into the process in huge detail with a DVD to boot.


The article by Jon Jordan on Haze a new (and interesting) FPS game for the PS3 which is doing great things, not only with the visuals, but also the meaning behind the combat-centric gameplay. I like the discussion on shaders esp in reference to my watching of the Unreal3 video tutes which show off the shader density view you can choose on the viewports.

[Here is one of several youtube vids for the Haze]

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