Saturday, 15 March 2008

Akama Studios - CG Kit Kat Ad

The French "Ultimate Break" Kit Kat ad created by the Akama Studio has a Pixarish feel to it in terms of quality and character. The feature article on CGSociety by Paul Hellard takes us a little closer to the inspired piece. We get to see the process and production-pipeline used to create such splendour in a paltry 8 weeks.
“On this project our pipeline was composed by 15 Quad Core workstations and one render farm of 80 processors. The modeling was made on Maya, Silo, 3ds Max, the maps on ZBrush and Photoshop, the animation and rendering on 3ds Max with V-Ray, the final compositing and editing on After Effects.” Cedric Jeanne
Having done a 15 second animation last session for my MDM, I can attest to the sheer class shown here. The CGS article has the finished piece (better quality than the youtube embed below), production shots and info for us. For such a short production time they have nailed all the elements, not just getting them done, but pushing in each one. The shots are clever, the characterisations edgy and evocative, the animation engaging and the rendering smooth.


Akama Studios
If that didnt inspire you to check out the Akama Studios site - then you should! There is plenty more class within, with their amazing portfolio of CG work set in a neato flash site. Check out the Twinings and Rapt Soda ones for example...

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