Monday, 3 March 2008

Architecture Ideas for Collab Studio

With Collaboration Studio even closer now, I thought it sane to have a little look at pieces of architecture that might fit the bill for group creation in the Unreal III engine. Good work from Russ on the Googlepages front end so far. I have found a bunch of cool Archi projects here on the blog that could work at the larger scale - lets see what else there is...

References of Unbuilt Architecture
Archimedia AA Prize
Gabion Fantasy Architecture
BLDGBLOG Science Fiction and the City
Architectural Studies Library Comp
Hydrogen City
Omnispace - multiple interesting bits
Architectural Digest Unbuilt Houses
Gage/Clemenceau Architects Projects.
Evolo Arch

[just 1 image to get you looking at those juicy links]


Gameplay and architecture (McGregor)
I also found this article by Georgia Leigh McGregor from UNSW on Architecture, Space and Gameplay in World of Warcraft and Battle for Middle Earth 2. I will have to catch up with her - perhaps she will be interested in a bunch of the things going on here in FBE.

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