Sunday, 2 March 2008

3rd COFA Course for MDM - perhaps

With impending implications of Jury Duty and the IT Change program I am now enrolled in another online course for the MDM. COFA0923 Visualising the Past is right up my alley and appropriate for work as well. This is the Handbook description:

How were those incredibly authentic-looking historical backgrounds in the movie Gladiator created? How has it been possible to see how Egypt’s ancient pyramids were built, or how Pompeii originally looked?

Unique imaging technologies make it possible to design realistic visualisations of ancient cultures. Anyone who has an interest in art, architecture, history, and digital image-making will be astonished at the startling achievements possible with this cutting-edge technology. A critical and historical appreciation of our own and past cultures depends on our interpretation of the images that are made to visualise them.

This fully online course extensively investigates the variety of ways that virtual reality is used in archaeological and historical visualisation. You will individually and in teams apply a number of the techniques used with this technology to create your own representative 2D and 3D visualisations of cultures. You will learn strategies that will allow you to effectively analyse these type of dazzling visual reconstructions, and how to extend them into your own studies. By learning how different kinds of data are used to build visual reconstructions you will gain sophisticated conceptual processes fundamental for cross-disciplinary studies in art and design. No special computer software or prior knowledge is required.

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