Tuesday, 18 March 2008

COFA online

I have been enjoying my two online COFA courses so far (though I have to say that they blur into each other still). COFA (and their Omnium setup) are very big on templates and standards - what this means is that everything kinda looks and feels the same and it can be harder to differentiate courses. It seems silly that two different uni courses could merge together in the mind, but since the interface and character of the courses is the same - it feels more like one big course with multiple threads running...


In researching one topic (for Visualising the Past) I came across these awesome illustrations/reconstructions by C.R. Cockerell. He has created some lovely renditions of classic ancient Architecture like the Temple of Apollo at Bassae (I always loved the single Corinthian column) and the mighty baths of Caracalla. These are long before anything digital or 3D, and are lovely.

[Illustrations by C.R. Cockerell from the RAA site]

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