Saturday, 15 March 2008

Crystal Palace (old, new and cg)

Way back in 1851 Joseph Paxton designed the amazing Crystal Palace to house the Great Exhibition. Though it was built I have been reflecting on it as an interesting piece of Architecture to model up in one of our real-time engines. Crysis would be fun, as you can see from these shots we are talking about parks and lots of trees even inside the structure.

[Sketches of the Crystal Palace from the Wikipedia entry]

In looking quickly online for people who might have already done this I have found very little. Though the SDSC did create some renderings of their model - rather barren as they are.


But wait there's more...

London Architects Wilkinson Eyre have created a design for the original site that would also make a fascinating project to build (perhaps both!). The huge hovering glass bubble is an interesting re-interpretation of the 1851 Palace while being distinctly of the 21st Century. Other projects by the award winning firm can be glimpsed at their website - some of it looks quite inspired. The new design possibility is covered in several articles (Crystal Palace - Sculpture Park , BBC News and the WilkinsonEyre site including pdf even). The Virtual Norwood coverage is most extensive including the visualisation images from the Architects. London has a flair for signature buildings, perhaps this one will join the fray.

[Images of the proposed New Crystal Palace by Wilkinson Eyre from the Virtual Norwood site - shrunk by me for this blog]

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