Wednesday, 5 March 2008

iMac 24 Gaming??

With our decision on the upgrade of our lab hardware overdue now we are still running tests and working through pricing options with suppliers etc etc. Anyhow, one of the most interesting threads of discussion/experimentation has been around the graphics performance of the 24" iMac. Armed with a dual core 2.8 and the ATI HD 2600 graphics it doesnt knock you over on first reading, but does it pack enough punch to make the leap in capability and styling worthwhile.

Our early tests on its smaller 20" cousin has us running Crysis on medium with no problems at all, Shattrath in WoW is a bit choppy, Unreal III ran pretty well even on the highest settings and the sketchups and VRays were running ok. This low quality Youtube vid shows Crysis running on the bigger 24" beastie (which has the same graphics as the 20") - this one says he is running it on High. Very pretty game running on a very pretty computer. Youtube has plenty more vids of people running things on this hardware from TF2 to Bioshock.

[imac pics from the Apple site]

There are threads and blogs out there of course talking about the gaminess of the 24" iMac Extreme, this one on Macnn sums them up. There is always contention about its capability compared to other systems, Mac and Windows both. Interestingly some say they 20" model out-performs the 24" for gaming - though this comparison on Macspeedzone shows the extreme model blows the 20"er away in all categories. Indeed on this set of benchmarks on barefeats, the 24" iMac does itself proud.

My wish is that all was as it is, but that we could upgrade the graphics a few notches - that would make it simply awesome.

Here are 2 reviews as well: CNET and ZDNet.

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