Saturday, 29 March 2008


future - forward design for the world you inhabit

The inhabitat blog is a slick looking publication that does a great job of finding all manner of nifty projects and ideas relating to product, interior and architectural design from an environmental perspective. The team of creators/editors has a lively mix of people based around the founder, Jill Fehrenbacher, create swarms of posted articles each day. This veritable treasure-trove of resources and news in the field is a great way to explore the intersection of these fields.

As many of the projects featured also have CG imagery, presentations and video to sell the point, it is also a great library of graphics and computer work. I will come back to some of the specific projects found through the site soon - but to show off the type of stuff you will find - just check out the images below then hit the site for more info.

[Images from multiple articles on the inhabitat site]

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