Friday, 14 March 2008

Luciano Neves' CG Work

There is plenty of talent out there in the world of CG, to highlight this - check out the amazing work of Luciano Neves (this is a profile of his work by Lisa Thurston). He can wield apps (like 3ds max) to do wonders in terms of modelling and the final texturing, lighting and rendering.

His showreel now on his CG Society Portfolio gives us a packaged glimpse of the awesome work under his belt and it is great to see Architectural work being done to inspire all the 3D artists. His site (InfinityCG) is also worth a visit to flesh out more of what he has been up to.

[3 images of Luciano Neves' CG work from the CGSociety site]


On a completely different note, I just had a thought that the outlooks/entourages/gmails etc of the world should check to see if I use the word 'attached' in an email that it should not send until I actually attach what I intended to (or at least check with me first I guess).
Think of all those emails that get sent every day without their little attachments - maybe there are other words that could be used to check for such intent as well...

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